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              How and Why We Need To Prepare

Faith is more than religion. It's about a relationship between a person and God. Together, we make faith worth living.  All of the below information is just a summary of what you can expect from this ministry.  Keep in mind that this is a message of Faith and NOT of Fear, Amen

 I present to you week by week undisputed biblical evidence and facts of eminent reasons to prepare; physically (earthly), mentally and spiritually. 

In the view of the public eye in the aftermath of catastrophic events, how do you want  ÿour” mission/ministry to appear ?  Weak, strong, or a beacon ?

Project, circumvent, pre-emptive discernment.

Learn what, why, how and where to barter, who has what skills and what gifts ?

Why do the Mormons keep at least one year of emergency supplies at all times ?

Acts 4:32 persecution of church withdrawn and gains outpouring of Holy Spirit

Goals in aftermath of catastrophic event: spiritual doctrine, home church, corporate, culture, evangelism, fellowship, etc

Elijhia “voice in wilderness, Isaiah said, matt 3:3 , ISA 40:3, LUKE 3:4, JOHN 1:23, LUKE 1:76, ISA 44:3

Dominion – church’s role & preparedness / stewardship / community / worldwide

Protocol goals are needed in place now, (every church worldwide to be self-sustaining and to be able to re-emerge from the wilderness) but enable to emerge “strong” we must first establish communication as fast, far and wide as possible to ensure that we are on the same page as far as what our message is going to be, has been and always will be: the 3 angels messages.

What will the churches (your) reaction be to events: manmade (A, B, C, ETC), from nature, cosmic and divine ?

Military like preparedness is of one mind, one mission of continuity

Church buildings: when to use, when not to use, when to emerge back into

Home churches: protocol ? , who lives where,,  a map to see of where all our members live so we can gauge proximities where home churches should be centrally located, directory, synergism (co-operative team work efforts to work together to achieve a common goal)

Calls to activate in the event of: , , , otherwise, so much is lost going all the way back to 1844.

MISSION: to sustain the church through all obstacles and pitfalls thrown at it in order to continue as strong as possible to deliver the 3 angels message.

CONSEQUENCES OF DOING NOTHING: attrition comes to mind like a muscle or your mind that does not get used, it atrophies.  In biblical history look at what happens when God’s warnings are not heeded.

WHAT IS REALLY COMING ?  Persecutions, (already started) , laws changing, Sunday law

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